Mohawk Opens 3D Printing Lab

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By Shola Martey, 2nd-year, Advertising and Marketing Communications Management

Poised to revolutionize engineering, manufacturing and students, Mohawk College’s Additive Manufacturing Resource Centre provides graduates with the practical knowledge gained from this access. The centre serves as a test lab for advanced manufacturing companies as well as a one-of-a-kind living lab for students from Mohawk’s Faculty of Engineering Technology program. Students in this program receive training through lab rotation in the 3-D Printing lab through this primary program. At the end of their term, the lab is then used for a large project where they design, test and build their own product.

The Resource Centre provides industries with the opportunity to explore further possibilities with 3D printing. Tony Thoma, Dean of Engineering Technology and a licensed Ontario professional engineer with more than 25 years experience in manufacturing, spoke of the raw materials that are used to make parts by layering and pairing small particles together. These materials that can be made like never before by using laser based technology to produce parts.

3D Printing - QuoteLearning by doing is in our DNA at Mohawk College,” says Thoma, “The new centre will give students an incredible opportunity to work with industry partners, use leading-edge technology and build on the skills and knowledge they’ve acquired in our programs. It’s also a great opportunity for employers to hire our future ready graduates before they hit the job market.”

Graduates of the Mechanical program, who want to add on this skill set have this opportunity open to them. According to the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME), 3D printing is expected to drive innovation, which will also open a new world of both challenges and opportunities for manufacturing in Canada. Companies can evaluate where they can be competitive against emerging businesses in the manufacturing sector, and Mohawk graduates will have a leading edge against industry professionals with this skill set to apply to a promising career.

Robert Gerritsen, Professor and Coordinator for Mohawk College’s Additive Manufacturing Resource Centre notes that there is an abundance of business entrepreneurial, supply chain and logistical opportunities that are changing the way parts are procured. A “significant step up in capability and complexity,” Robert says, “that will make way for a future crop of additive designers.”

Additive manufacturing is all about access. With the job market expected to grow along with the healthy economic projections 3D printers empower students and entrepreneurs alike to design and create innovative products. With a head start into the career planning process, graduates of Mohawks programs are poised for success.3D Printing Used to stretch the limits of design, the application of 3D printing has another rooted interest in graphic and art students. With professional grade industry systems, students can create many applications from 3D printed products such as transplants materials, prosthetic’s and dental implants in addition to specialized tools for surgeons, to name a few.

Reuben Menezes, Marketing Manager at Proto3000 Inc., a 3D printing manufacturer and developer in Vaughan, Ontario, thinks that this opportunity will open the door for increased entrepreneurship, thus creating bountiful opportunities for businesses.

As a manufacturing technology that is still emerging after 20 years, many of the innovative approaches are only now becoming accepted as an alternative. Through this early-stage, opportunities will be open to those that understand design and have the specific skill sets required. Graduates of Mohawks Faculty of Engineering Technology program will be ready for these opportunities.

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